Your safety is the utmost importance to us. Before your retreat begins, you will be asked to fill out our medical questionnaire which is paramount. We cannot emphasize this enough, complete honesty and transparency will be required to ensure your safety as well as other guests. Once you complete your medical questionnaire, more follow up may be required with our center's physican.

Keep in mind, all prescription medications must be discontinued in order to safely experience the medicines we offer. You may require an extended period of time to wean off of medications you are taking. If you have questions, please openly discuss with us and your doctor especially medications with interactions with MAO inhibitors.

It is REQUIRED to discontinue the use of any recreational drugs, alcohol, and cannabis at least 2 weeks before your retreat. Although 2 weeks is required, the preparation you follow for your retreat may allow the medicine work more deeply with you during your time in Peru. We highly recommend one month for a stricter dieta.

For additional information, please reach out to us directly about contraindicated medications and drugs.